Finally, a clutter-free SQL client is here

Store and execute useful SQL queries for each database in one place.

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Find a query you need, quickly

Stop wasting time looking for that SQL query from last week. Chances are, you probably lost it. There just wasn't a good place to save it in. Until now.

Save yourself from trouble and store your queries in Rosefinch. Each database has its own collection to keep things tidy.

  • Pin favorite queries to the top
  • Command bar for even faster navigation
  • Format SQL with a click of a button


You don't have to remember all the columns

Take a quick look at your database schema right inside Rosefinch when you're stuck.

Schema overview is kept intentionally simple and shows just enough information to help you write SQL queries.

  • View the original schema dump in a "SQL" tab
  • Search your schema for quicker lookup
  • Collapse tables to get them out of your way

Export / import

Share queries with your team

Share a collection of common SQL queries that you use at your company with your team.

Queries are exported as a single file, which you can send via email, Slack or any other way you like.

  • Stay in sync by importing queries
  • Export query results as CSV or JSON
Export queries

Frequently asked questions

Which databases are supported?

Rosefinch supports SQLite, PostgreSQL and MySQL databases.

Which operating systems does Rosefinch work on?

Rosefinch works only on macOS.

Can I edit database schema or table data?

There are no tools to modify database schema or manipulate table rows, but you're free to do that via SQL queries.

Are my databases uploaded somewhere?

Never, Rosefinch works locally. Network access is only needed for checking for new releases, activating your license and sending anonymous usage analytics via privacy-first Plausible Analytics.

Where are database credentials stored?

Database credentials are encrypted and securely stored in your Keychain.

Your SQL queries deserve a new home

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